Employee Spotlight: Matthew McAnaney

We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on Matthew McAnaney, a rising star at Washington Metalworks!

Matthew’s journey at WMW is a real life example of our company’s dedication to nurturing talent and rewarding hard work. Buckle up, because his story is an inspiration for anyone looking to build a fulfilling career. 

Finding his Passion in Metal Fabrication

Matthew’s path to WMW wasn’t always a straight shot. While his initial interest leaned towards engineering, it was during a pre-apprenticeship at Rolls Royce that he discovered a hidden passion: working with metal and seeing projects come to life. This hands-on experience ignited a fire within him, and he knew he needed a place that embraced that passion.

Building a Strong Foundation

Enter Washington Metalworks. From the moment Matthew stepped through the doors, he knew he’d found the perfect fit. The company’s modern facilities and progressive approach really resonated with him. Here, Matthew embarked on his apprenticeship, a period that laid the groundwork for his future success.

During his apprenticeship, Matthew learned a valuable lesson: taking immense pride in his work and maintaining the highest standards. WMW’s supportive environment played a crucial role too. He could always seek guidance from experienced mentors, including a seasoned welder who became an invaluable resource.

Embracing New Challenges

Matthew’s drive for self improvement never wavered. Fueled by a desire to learn and grow, he took a bold step, transitioning from Welder to Trainee Contracts Manager. This was a significant leap, but Matthew embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. He thrived under pressure, quickly honed his skills and learned to manage multiple projects with efficiency.

Rewarding Responsibilities as a Project Manager

Today, Matthew excels as a Project Manager in the Rail sector. He enjoys the strategic aspects of the role, ensuring smooth project execution and tackling challenges head on. Seeing projects completed from start to finish brings him immense satisfaction. It’s a testament to the combined knowledge he gained from the shop floor and his project management training.

A Culture of Growth and Shared Knowledge

Matthew attributes a significant portion of his professional and personal development to WMW. The company provided him with invaluable opportunities, a supportive environment where he could learn from senior colleagues and the chance to develop skills that benefit him beyond the workplace. 

For those considering an apprenticeship at WMW, Matthew offers some golden advice: take pride in your work, give it your all, be a sponge eager to learn and build strong relationships with colleagues. These core principles were instrumental in his own journey, and they’ll pave the way for success for any aspiring apprentice.  

A Bright Future Awaits

Matthew is buzzing with excitement about WMW’s future expansion plans. New facilities, cutting edge machinery and advancing processes – these developments promise endless possibilities for him and his fellow colleagues. He sees a bright future where everyone at WMW can continue to grow and thrive.

Beyond the Shop Floor

When Matthew isn’t meticulously managing projects, you might find him out on a run (he recently conquered The Sunderland Half Marathon!), pushing his limits at the gym or watching a ton of football. He also loves getting away for well deserved breaks regularly throughout the year.

A Final Note from Matthew

“I’m truly enjoying my time here and excited for what the future holds!” This sentiment perfectly captures Matthew’s passion for WMW and his commitment to his career.

Matthew’s story is a shining example of how WMW empowers its employees. We’re proud to have him on our team!

Here’s to the future!