- Powering Diverse Industries -

Combining capacity, creativity and a range of capabilities to solve any metalworking problem across a multitude of industries.

At Washington Metalworks, we’re your trusted partner for top quality metal fabrication across a wide range of sectors. Our expansive 130,000 square foot facility, equipped with cutting edge technology from industry leaders like Trumpf, Haas & Haeger, allows us to deliver exceptional results efficiently and cost effectively.

Rail Industry

Keeping the rail industry moving with receptive and reliable BS EN 15085-2 accredited services, subject to rigorous levels of inspection.

Automotive Industry

Supplying superior precision welded structural fabrications at a competitive cost across coach, bus chassis and lifting equipment, complete chassis or modular.

Oil & Gas Industry

Delivering high levels of welding control and complex fabrication services to the oil and gas industry.

Leisure Industry

Reliable metalwork, engineering and metal fabrication services for the leisure industry.

Security Solutions

Bespoke metalwork security solutions designed for utility companies, universities and medical institutions.


Earthmoving metalwork from small parts to full fabrication solutions.

Electronics Industry

Safe and robust sheet metalwork that’s purpose-built and tailored to the electronic industry’s stringent regulations and demanding environments.

Why choose Washington Metalworks?

Quality Assurance

Not only do we ensure that all our products adhere to European specifications – such as our switchgear components which are always verified to BSEN 61439-2 standards – we also listen closely to the unique requirements of your business to ensure that our metalwork is as safe and practical as possible.


We always build products with purpose in mind to make sure they can withstand their intended environment. For outdoor-specific projects like offshore installations and coastal power systems, we’ll be sure to use robust, non-corrosive metals like stainless steel or zinc plating, along with durable powder coating to help resist against scratches and chemical corrosion.

Trumpf TruPunch 5000

With 80% of our electrical metalwork requiring punching, our state-of-the-art Trumpf TruPunch 5000 is one of the fastest punching machines in the world. It allows us to manufacture with more accuracy and consistency than ever, while its intelligent automation and ultra-fast tool change allows us to produce high-volume projects while adhering to tight timeframes.