Why You Should Choose a Metalworking Apprenticeship at Washington Metalworks

Are you passionate about working with your hands and building things that last?

Are you looking for a rewarding career path with excellent earning potential? 

If so, then a metalworking apprenticeship at Washington Metalworks might be the perfect fit for you!

Beyond the classroom

Apprenticeships at Washington Metalworks go beyond traditional classroom learning. You’ll gain hands-on experience under the guidance of our skilled and experienced metalworking professionals. Our comprehensive program will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the industry we all love!

So, why choose Washington Metalworks?

At Washington Metalworks, we offer a metalworking apprenticeship programme unlike any other. You’ll learn from the best in the industry, gaining exposure to a wide range of metalworking techniques under the guidance of our skilled professionals. 

Our program goes beyond theory, integrating you into real world projects to provide valuable hands-on experience. Washington Metalworks is committed to your success, offering competitive wages and benefits during your time with us and most importantly, upon completion, you’ll have the opportunity to secure a full time position with our growing company, launching a rewarding career path.

More than just a job, it’s an investment in your future

Our apprenticeship scheme goes beyond technical skills development, fostering valuable traits like problem solving, meticulous attention to detail, and effective teamwork. We’ll equip you to collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and clients, ensuring clear communication and project success. 

But perhaps the most compelling benefit is the opportunity for long-term growth with our company. Washington Metalworks is proud to have numerous success stories of former apprentices who have progressed through the ranks now managing teams and even entire divisions. By joining our apprenticeship program, you’re not just acquiring skills, you’re investing in a future where your dedication and talent can lead you to exciting leadership positions. 

Ready to forge your future?

If you’re a hands-on individual who thrives on variety and challenge, then a metalworking apprenticeship at Washington Metalworks is the perfect launch for your career.

Our program isn’t just about acquiring skills; it’s about immersing you in the dynamic world of metal fabrication. You’ll collaborate with experienced craftspeople on a diverse range of projects, from intricate architectural components to cutting edge technology or even life saving medical equipment. 

Each project presents a unique puzzle to solve, keeping your work environment exciting and stimulating. 

Take the first step towards a rewarding career. Visit the link below today to learn more about our apprenticeship program and submit your application!